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Twangoo is amazing! i have gotten so many great deals, that whenever I want to go out to eat, I just buy a Twangoo so I can save money and venture out to new restaurants.

I’m so surprised to see negative reviews sometime I live in Hong Kong and have used Twangoo about 5 times so far, all with outstanding results. I’ve gotten 50% off Panevino (still my favorite, I hope that Twangoo comes around again soon), a super cheap massage, and tickets to a wine tasting. Another time, I was just about to buy a membership to my local yoga studio, when I got a Twangoo offering 80% off to that very same studio! I spent only HKD450. Every time I ordered a Twangoo, I received confirmation and a receipt within 24 hours. It seems like maybe some people are just in a rush to accuse everything online to be a scam–you have to understand that you aren’t their only customer, and sometimes orders take a little longer than usual. Sure, you have to be careful on the internet, but Twangoo is 100% legit. Like any other business, I’m sure it makes mistakes, but I’m sure a lot of these complaints are also due to people not reading the fine print. I look forward every day to seeing my new twangoos–give it a try, it’s awesome!

Twangoo is awesome, at least in Hong Kong, especially for gifts. They do 1 day sales for services and restaurants, like HKD200 worth of HKD600, or half off Yoga Class. They recently did a 3-month gym pass to a upscale gym for HKD270 that would’ve cost at least HKD600 otherwise! They typically only offer one sale each day, and a new one each day, so I find myself checking in often to make sure I don’t miss anything :) Just make sure you ALWAYS read the fine print before buying! There are always restrictions!! Such as, must be redeemed by June 1st, or only valid for 1st time customers, and they don’t waiver on these restrictions so be prepared!

Love it. Have referred many of my friends. They like it too. Long Life Twangoo


Bob on May 10, 2011 at 6:26 am.

Cool! I’ll have a look at twangoo hongkong


Yun on May 16, 2011 at 6:05 am.

I already bought 3 offers from Twangoo, and everything went fine. I just forgot to use the gift function once but the customer service was very prompt when I ask them to change a recipient for one voucher. Pretty convinient. Yun


Guy on May 17, 2011 at 10:05 am.

Today’s on Twangoo Hong Kong they are featuring a pretty good deal. My wife bought some.


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